True Happiness in Bed Means Being a Better Listener

If you are like all men, you have a clear picture of what you want when it comes to sex and relationships. Movies, magazines, the bar, and hanging out at the locker room have given you tons of ideas about how it should be. Not to mention, you have had plenty of time to think about women. From puberty on, they fill your dreams, fantasies, and waking hours. When it comes to having a real relationship with a woman, you want it to be amazing for both of you. This is the time when you need to be a better listener. Set aside your ideas of what it should be and put her first. Make her happy by giving her what she wants and she’ll return the favour.

Learn How to be a Sounding Board

Let her talk. Let her lead the way when it comes to conversation, something that is bothering her, or a problem that needs to be solved. Don’t give her any answers until she is asking for them. Guys are looking for a fix. When they talk about a problem, they’re hoping someone will come up with alternatives. Girls want to get there on their own, but feel like someone cares about what they have to say with respect. Ask questions along the way to prove that you really are listening to her.

Maintain Your Focus

When a woman is talking to you, whether you’re in the car, at the table, or in bed, you need to stay focused. Don’t start thinking about the game or that order at work. Don’t let thoughts of raiding the refrigerator get you side-tracked. You need to prove to your partner that she truly matters and you are paying attention to what she has to say. Tune in and you’ll be surprised at how favourable she will treat you.

Make Time for Her

You need to pay attention to what she really loves. Does she want to go out to eat? Does she love chick flicks? Would a hike in the woods be the perfect way to win her heart? Is she up for a football game or does she want to go to the spa? Find out what her favourite things are, the perfume she loves, her comfort food, or the coffee shop that knows her by name. Surprise her by taking her places or giving her sweet nothings that she has talked about. She’ll be amazed about her sensitive man.

Make Every Minute in the Bedroom Count

When it comes to sex, this is when you need to put everything together. Your undivided attention, time, and letting her talk will pay off. You might be thinking the most important thing is the size of your penis and getting there fast, but nothing could be further from the truth. A woman wants you to woo her, to set the scene, to make it romantic. You need the candles, the soft music, and the beautiful setting. Take time for foreplay, to slow dance, to stroke her slowly, to kiss her thoroughly until her head spins. If she wants to talk, listen. Try and keep your brain from exploding and really take it slow. Change it up each time, touching her in different ways and getting her really excited. Don’t jump to the conclusion that she needs huge or kinky. What she needs most is knowing you are going to worship her body. Let her do the same to you. Your good listening will pay off as she listens to you and your body. Harmony between the both of you outside of the bedroom door will mean getting closer to ecstasy when you step inside.

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