Unusual Ways To Propose

When a relationship comes to the point where both involved are ready for marriage, the task for the male is to come up with a proposal. The traditional way would be to go out to the finest restaurant in town and to get down on one knee beside the table, after the main course and before the dessert, and to produce a fine diamond ring. This approach is still very popular of course and a very romantic approach to the proposal but more and more people are thinking outside of the box and proposing in more extravagant ways.

Classic Romanticism in an Unusual Setting

One of the most popular options is to propose in an exotic place such as Mexico or the Maldives, which are very romantic destinations, and this makes a holiday one to remember for life. Another way of publicly proposing, which is probably more common in America, is to propose at a football or baseball match in front of thousands and thousands of people. This is a particularly brave option but can also be seen as overly cheesy.

A Simple or Elaborate Trail to Love

A treasure hunt or trail of clues is an increasingly popular and unusual way to propose. Some are not so creative but are certainly romantic and a simple trail would be to follow rose petals up to the bedroom or into the dining room where a nice meal could be laid out. For a more dramatic option however, a first clue could lead to somewhere nearby (you could even link it to places you have been in your relationship), then to somewhere else, and eventually somewhere you can pop out as a big surprise and drop down on one knee.

Banner Proposals

Banners have become a tool for proposals these days and although they are not so unusual, it still does not exactly fall into the bracket of a traditional method. There have been stories of banners on roundabouts, on motorways and even on the front of your house. Possibly one of the most impressive and unusual proposals however happened at a music festival and the now husband-to-be arranged for an aeroplane to fly over carrying the message “Pretty Lady – Will You Marry Me?”. With all that effort and expense it was a good job that she accepted and banners have grown in popularity for this type of unique and special question.

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