What Do Women Find Attractive?

All women are different, whether they are city girls, stay at home mums, or botanists. However, there are some key characteristics that all women find attractive in men… This article attempts to cover some of the features that most women find attractive in potential mates.

When it comes to what women find attractive, both looks and personality play a big role. And while there’s no simple formula for what triggers attraction and what doesn’t, these seven traits are commonly identified by women as some of the most desired qualities they seek in potential partners.

1. Sense of Humor

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to win a woman over. Men who are easygoing, down-to-earth, and can make light of stressful situations are extremely desirable to women. They want men who can make them laugh both in their best moments and their worst ones.

2. Self-Confidence

You must be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance: women desire men who believe in themselves, but they get easily disenchanted with men who just think they’re better than everybody else. Confidence can also serve as a sign of success; after all, as the old saying goes, you have to believe in yourself before others will believe in you.

3. Good Listener and Communicator

We’ve all heard it before: communication is a key component to a successful relationship. Women are attracted to men who take an invested interest in what they say and feel. Likewise, they tend to be more attracted to men who are able to clearly express what they think and feel as well.

4. Responsible

Women tend to be natural worriers, so having a guy who is mature and responsible by their side can help reduce their daily stress levels. Men who show up on time, call when they’re having a late night with the boys, and demonstrate a good command over their finances earn more points than those who do not exhibit these characteristics.

5.  Well-Dressed and Well-Groomed

While you may not need to dress like a celebrity or have perfectly-manicured fingernails to make an impression, taking some pride in your appearance will help make you more desirable to women. No matter what your personal style, dress in clothes that are fitted to your figure, and make sure they’re stain and wrinkle-free before you leave the house. A little fingernail cleaning and hair styling can go a long way in increasing your attractiveness as well.

6. Ambition / Passion

Women love men who are passionate about what they do and strive to be even more successful in the future. Men who are ambitious tend to be natural leaders. Added bonus: they may just apply that same passion to the relationship as well.

7. Good Cook

Women love men who will lend a hand around the house—dusting, sweeping the floors, taking out the garbage, etc. But there is arguably nothing more attractive than a man who can bake. Knowing that her man is responsible for the sweet aroma of freshly-baked cupcakes or biscuits is truly a big turn-on for a woman.

Faye is a student studying for a degree in Psychology, and is yet to find the perfect man!

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