What Role Does Communication Play In A Relationship?

They say, ‘It is best if it’s expressed.’ It becomes more vital when it comes to a relationship. Those who are able to sustain in a relationship are the ones who are able to express their love. Without a proper interaction, no relationship can continue for a longer period of time.

Communication has always been a medium of expression; be it verbal or non-verbal. Similarly, in a relationship, it plays a critical role of expressing your thoughts and feelings. It is necessary for the other partner to know and realize that you love him/her equally; the absence of which can create a tiff between the two.

This significant role of the communication makes it necessary for a person to understand the importance of it. Following are some noted reasons as to why it should be paid attention to.

Medium of Expression

The basic necessity of communication is to be able to express the feelings to the other person. One should comprehend the fact that the relationship is all about how brilliantly you express yourself. The day you stop expressing, the relationship starts dying.

It often happens that we start taking the other person for granted and presumes that he/she is getting the message; whereas we are never communicating with him/her. By doing this, we might be communicating with them but the message sent would never be similar to the message received.

This implies that a couple should pay emphasis on the proper communication medium. It gets necessary for a person to talk to the partner about the feelings. He/she should know about what exactly they want to express. A wrong word can actually change the entire meaning of the sentence, which later on can be the cause of differences.

Communication and Age Gap

As we are aware that the maturity level of a person is different from the others. When a couple has an age gap, then communication becomes more essential. The communication would act as the bridge between their ages.

The maturity level is nothing but just an approach to certain situation. The approach changes with the age. For instance, a person in his 30s would find to jump and dance on the road it as offend whereas a teenager would be comfortable with it. With this difference in approach towards day-to-day life, it is necessary that each partner express themselves about their comfort zone and the approach. This would help the other to meet the expectation of the partner.

The lack of communication is such cases would make other feel that the partner is comfortable with the kind of approach or actions he/she is doing. This may lead to serious complication in the later years.

Feeling of ‘We’ and Not ‘I’

It is essential that a person communicates with the partner while making a decision. In the absence of which it might give a feeling that the partner has not considered him/her as a part of his/her life. Often it is assumed that the other partner would not have any problem with the decision made. On the other hand, it could deliver a wrong message to the partner.

When a person is in a relationship, he/she has to understand that there should be a collective decision as it would affect both of their lives. A decision made by a single person could have an adverse effect on the other, without having the consent of that partner. In such situations, communication could make other feel that you consider him/her as a part of your life and thus this would strengthen the bond.

Changes and Compromises

Apart from a person’s basic character, there would be several ups and downs in life. These various ups and downs can be faced if a couple has a strong communication. Life is never a bed of roses. There would be several thoughts and troubles on a daily basis. To be able to strengthen the bond, it is necessary that each of the partners share their thoughts and feelings to others. This way, they would be able to develop a strong bonding and the understating between them would grow.

Moreover, there are always compromises and little adjustments which a couple has to make to be in a relationship. These arise as an individual their traits may affect the relationship. So to be with a loved one they make little adjustments with their traits and compromise a bit. It is necessary that you let the other person know about it as it might give you a feeling as you’re being taken for granted.

Support and Trust

Communication always helps you to develop the trust and show your support of your partner. Without a communication, one can never express the consent. Supposing, you approve of an activity by your partner but you have never expressed your consent over it. This would make him/her feel that you never approved of it. Or it may be vice versa. Thus, one should make a proper communication to express the approval as well as the disapproval, in case of need.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication has an equal role as the verbal communication. In certain cases, this becomes the prominent medium of expression. This includes helping the partner with her household work, hugging or kissing or showing public affection display and others. This would also help you to strengthen the love and bond between the two.

Human are known for expressing themselves easily and in a better way. In our daily life, this plays a vital role. When it comes to relationship, it is of utmost importance. Neglecting the proper medium of communication can bring in lots of troubles and differences in your relationship. It is better that you communicate well to avoid such kind of troubles.

This article is written by Helly.  She is working for MedstoreRx.com.

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