What You Need To Think About If You Want To Pop The Question!

1еIf you and your girlfriend have been getting on well and you are happy together, then sooner or later your mind will naturally turn to popping the big question! Asking your girlfriend to marry you is a big step, but it is also potentially a very exciting one. If you are thinking about proposing but you’re not quite sure how to do it then don’t worry – we understand how nervous you must be. In order to help you make your plans, read our handy article which will help you plan all the finer details of your proposal. Here’s our guide to proposing:

The Place

2еChoosing the place in which to propose is really important – after all the memory of the proposal will live on in both of your minds together. The sky is the limit for the big question – literally if you’re in a plane together at the time! Other places that you could propose are a boat trip, your favorite romantic spot, the place where you both first met or even a good old traditional restaurant! Wherever you choose, don’t let your girlfriend guess what is going to happen as you should keep it as much of a secret as possible so that it will be a nice surprise (hopefully!)

The Time

3еChoosing your moment is really important, but many men get more and more nervous as the moment approaches and end up messing it up, or not doing it at all! Beat this by being really prepared and knowing exactly when you are going to do it so that you can psyche yourself up in your mind. For example, if you are heading out on a romantic stroll together, choose a spot along the way which is perfect for the occasion. Don’t whatever you do panic and mess it up! Instead, breathe deeply and keep yourself calm.

The Proposal

4еObviously, you are going to have to arm yourself with a beautiful diamond ring in order to seal the deal. Make sure that you have this in your pocket so that it is to hand as you make your proposal. You should really think about what you want to say and how you want to say it too – it helps if you practice it a little beforehand so that you are well-rehearsed. Some men choose not to say anything at all, and instead just drop on one knee, while others don’t even drop on one knee. Only do what makes you feel comfortable – otherwise your proposal may not sound genuine. Do it your way and she will love you even more for it.

Of course, you have to prepare yourself for the worst outcome too – she could say ‘no’ after all. Most men wait until they are pretty sure that she will say yes, and if you are in any doubt about how your relationship is progressing then it may be better to put the moment off until you are both feeling surer of things. However, if she says ‘yes’ then congratulations – and enjoy your engagement!

This article is written by Nolan Grey, an employee at Diamonds on Web, leading providers of diamond engagement rings online. Nolan is passionate about music, rock in particular, and jams with his band whenever he gets the time.  

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