Desperately Need To Find Your Soulmate? Why That’s Not A Good Thing

If you are on a mission to find your soulmate then you are probably looking for a woman who will allow you to be you, understands you, loves you, and fits into your life perfectly and easily. The relationship won’t be hard, difficult, or result in a breakup because she will be your soulmate!  But when you want to find your soulmate so bad that it becomes more than just a want, you can start to push your soulmate further and further away! Here’s why.

need to find soulmate

Want Turns Into Need

When you first started your mission to find your soulmate, you probably just wanted her. You were actively keeping your eyes open and possibly going out on dates with some women to see if you could find your soulmate in them.

But soon that want became a need. There is a natural progression from want to need. After you think about what you want so much, you start to need it in your life.

For instance, if you want to go golfing you may picture the driving range, the golf course, the golf cart – and soon you start to need to go golfing. You start to crave it! This is the same process that occurs when you are trying to find your soulmate. You have pictured the perfect woman for so long that it starts to become a need to have her! The difference is you can satisfy your need to go golfing by going golfing – but it’s not so easy to find your soulmate.

Because you can’t satisfy this need to find your soulmate it can quickly turn into a feeling of desperation! And that’s when the problems start.

When You Desperately Need To Find Your Soulmate, You May Take Any Woman Into Your Life

When you are desperate to find your soulmate, you may start taking any woman into your life that ‘kind of fits’ what you are looking for.

You may know that she is not right for you, but because you need a perfect soulmate in your life you are willing to give it a chance. These relationships normally end up in break-ups, and if they don’t end up in a break-up, they end up in years of trying to change one another with no success.

This is the reason that needing a soulmate becomes a dangerous game. You may be dating women that are not actually right for you and wasting time with that when you could actually find your soulmate if you would just sit back and let her come to you.

Once you stop actively needing to find your soulmate you will find that you will relax, stop accepting just any woman into your life, and open up your eyes to find a woman that really fits your desires in a partner.

All you have to do is change the way you view finding your soulmate. Instead of viewing it as a desperate mission, try to view it as something that will happen in your life at the right time. That’s when your soulmate will come along.

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