3 Character Traits That Turn Women Off And Will Keep You Single

Do you know how people say that the nice guys finish last? Well, there may be some truth to this but not for the reasons you think. It’s not the nice part that turns women off, it’s just that nice guys tend to have all the traits that are the least attractive to women. Most women are naturally attracted to bad boys but it’s not because they are bad necessarily. So, don’t think that you need to be ‘bad’ in order to get a woman.

Bad boys tend to be less socially awkward than their nice guy counterparts. They also are more outgoing, more confident, have a better sense of humor, are more open-minded, more easygoing yet can take charge and make decisions, and they know how to talk to women in a way that women love. That and so much more…

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

There are nice guys that have those qualities and they also get all the women for that reason. In fact, every woman wants a good guy who treats her with respect, so with the right attitude and personality, you can be a good guy with your choice of women.

That said, here are 3 HUGE things that women find the least attractive in men.

turn women off

1. Arrogance

Arrogance is one of the most annoying traits in a person and it’s sure to turn a woman off eventually. At first, it may come across as confidence, but the arrogance will be discovered for what it is sooner or later.

Men with self-confidence are sexy, but men who think they are God’s gift to the world are the least sexy men ever.

Occasionally these guys will snag a girl with very low self-confidence and for the most part, the poor woman will not be happy in the relationship but because of her low self-confidence will stay in it until she can find some courage to get out.

Other times they will get a strong and desired woman who sees something past the arrogance, but the relationship will not normally last long as the arrogance will always become too much for a woman with confidence to handle.

How do you know you are cocky? The best way to find out is to ask other people as you may not even realize you are acting this way. But chances are you already know. Here are just a few obvious traits of a cocky guy:

  • You always think you are right.
  • You put other people down and feel better about yourself when you do.
  • You are very rigid in your beliefs.
  • You look down at other people.
  • You look in the mirror and know that other people think you are the shit.
  • You are not just assertive – you are pushy

Most cocky men think that they have confidence in themselves but a true person with confidence wouldn’t feel the need to be a jerk.

2. Being Boring

A boring guy can encompass a lot of different traits. For instance, his sense of humor is off, he’s lazy, he’s a stick in the mud, he’s depressed, or he’s too into his work.

If your sense of humor is lacking and, in fact, you don’t see the humor in a lot of things – you can expect women to be repelled by your charm and instead find someone who can make them laugh and laugh with them. Humor is one of the most sought after traits as it’s human nature to want to be happy and enjoy yourself.

If you are lazy and would rather sit on the couch during every free moment you have instead of getting up and do something once in a while then life must be pretty boring for you and any potential partners you get. Sitting around and relaxing is good, there is no doubt about it, but life is meant to be lived, and if you sit on the couch all the time you are letting life pass you by in the worst way.

When you are a stick in the mud you are not only boring, you are annoying. If a woman asks you to dance and your reply every time is “I don’t dance” then your fun factor drops to zero. Why would a woman want to be with a man who is no fun? Have some fun, let loose, don’t worry about what other people think as they probably are not as judgmental as you may think they are. Get up and dance and be the guy that is up for anything – and watch the women fall for you.

If you are depressed about life, then you have to deal with this before you can even think about attracting and keeping a woman. Depressed people are full of negativity and despair and no one wants to be dragged down into depression by someone else. Work on yourself and your depression and once you realize that there’s nothing to be depressed about, and you start seeing the good side of life, you will find that women will enjoy your company more.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with having goals and dreams, in fact, if you don’t that can be a huge turn-off for a woman as well, but when they do not balance out with your personal life you may be in trouble. If you spend all your time at work or on your business then you have less time for your relationships or a potential relationship. This makes for a one-sided relationship where she will want to spend time with you and you will want to spend time with work. If you are thinking about breaking-up or divorce with a woman – this is the way to do it.

3. Low Self-Confidence

Unfortunately for women – women often feel responsible for other people’s problems. This is why you will find a lot of women with men that have addictions or other problems… which is a form of low self-confidence. But these relationships never last as a woman can only take so much crap before she just can’t put up with it anymore.

Men that have low self-confidence can come across as meek and unsure and annoying and not very visible. In fact, sometimes they really can be invisible to women when they are in a group setting.

The chances of a guy with low self-confidence getting a girl is extremely low.

Men – you have to remember that looks are not everything to a woman as women tend to size up the whole package. If you reek of confidence and the ability to please them, then you will attract women constantly.

When you first meet a woman you have a few minutes – if not seconds – to show her your best person. She will instantly size you up and know if you are someone she is interested in or not. If you show a lack of confidence then she will see it instantly and pass you by or leave you hanging.

Even if you think you are masking it and you are trying to look confident – chances are you will let it slip, either through your body language or your words, that you are really not as confident as you are trying to appear to be.

Common low confidence words are maybe, possibly, I don’t know, I was wondering, if it’s okay with you, do you think I could, and I’m not sure.

Your body language will be shifty and uncomfortable. Your eyes will reflect your true feelings every time without fail, and it’s very hard to hide that.

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